N. Kochhar & Co. adds value to client operations and processes by leveraging it’s expertise in the areas of :-

  • Internal & Management Audits
  • Internal Control Evaluation
  • Risk Management
  • Process Mapping & Design
  • System & Procedural Manuals
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Corporate Governance
  • Approach :N. Kochhar & Co. adopts a structured methodology to add value to client operations in the following areas:-
    Internal and Management Audit activities are designed to add value and improve operations in organizations. We bring a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our clients’ Risk Management, Control and Governance processes.  
    We evaluate Client Internal Controls for :-
    Operational efficiency and effectiveness
    Reliability of financial information
    Safeguarding of assets & records
    Adherence to prescribe policies
    Regulatory compliances.
    Well documented manuals formalize:
    Staff duties and responsibilities
    Standard operational systems and procedures
    Records to be maintained & Reports to be generated.
    Facilitate training of staff
      Proper orgnl. structuring and design ensures that all the functions, departments and positions in the organization are structured to facilitate the attainment of organizational objectives in an efficient and optimal manner.  
    Risk Management processes are established to :-
    Identify potential risks to achievement of orgn objectives
    Undertake control and response activities
    Monitor RM processes and
    Communicate Risk related information.
    These help achieve the objectives of the organisation.
    Office Practices
    Technical / Training Sessions
    We have a well structured system of training prorgrammes where Partners, CAs and external speakers conduct these sessions.
    QA process for documentation & Filing
    Our process of Audit Quality Assurances is based on the documentation and filing policy which is also linked with Internal & External Peer Reviews.
    Data base & Library
    A rich database & library on the subjects of Internal Audit, Risk Management, Controls, Statutes etc.
    Associates from different fields
    We use sectoral experts to provide quality services to clients including Mechanical & Civil Engineers, Company Secretary and IFRS experts.
    Internal Monthly Meetings
    Partners, Team leaders (CAs) & Team Members meet periodically to discuss predetermined and other issues.